the Company, Mission and Vision

Almost 100 years have past since we started this dream, a solid and innovative project that drove us to be leaders in the agricultural market.

We are GEAR.

We’re more than just agricultural suppliers.
We aim for excellence, reliability and sustainability.
We prioritize the protection of the environment and safety of our people.

We’re on the cutting edge of the market, and we aim to satisfy our customers.

  • Reliability
  • Professional Ethics
  • Quality standards and control.
  • Competitiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Promptness

Company Vision

"We want to be the leading Argentine company in the International market of identity preserved crops, and the main regional supplier of agricultural supplies and services, focusing in our driving principle: RELIABILITY.

Company Mission

Provide agricultural supplies and build a trusting and long lasting relationship with our clients.
Take care of the environment and safety of the people involved in our organization.
We easily adapt to the trends in the markets that we operate in.
We provide comprehensive advice to our clients guiding them towards a more profitable business.
We constantly carry out enquiries to asses the grade of satisfaction that potential clients have towards their usual suppliers to create a personalized offer and to be better positioned in the market that we operate in.
We anticipate our client’s needs through constant innovation.
We work hard to maintain and improve our competitiveness.