At GEAR, we also have logistic support to provide agricultural supplies.

We cover most of the north region of the Province of Buenos Aires. We own warehouses in Rojas, Rafael Obligado, Lincoln, and Ameghino.

We provide:

Technical advise

Logistic support and storage

We distribute products for leading brands


Agroservices main office

Ing. Luis Chiavarino -

Ing. Rafael Perón -

Ruta 188 branch office

Ing. Martín Migo -

Ing. Daniel López -

Sebastián Lucero -

Fuels and liquid fertilizers

Juan Arozamena -

Solid fertilizers

Germán Rivoira -

Rafael Obligado branch office

Juan Marzano -

Lincoln branch office

Ing. Santiago Sanahuja -

Ing. Paula Jiménez -

Juliana Videla -

Florentino Ameghino branch office

Ing. Francisco Incera -

Junin branch office

Ing. Patricio Loncar -

Ing. Luciano Chalela -

Gral. Arenales branch office

Laura Di Pierro -